Online Video

A recent survey of B2B marketers revealed that:

  • 71% believe that online video can help build brand awareness
  • 63% are likely to invest in a branded video destination in 2009
  • 47% expect online video to generate more leads in 2009

Importantly, the interest in online video is not limited to young viewers, but is also shared by a significant and growing audience of older, more educated, and more affluent viewers. A recent demographic profile of visitors to video-sharing sites such as YouTube by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that, for example, 14% of visitors were age 30-49; 33% had some college or graduate school education; and 35% had a household income of $50,000 or greater.

Given the popularity of online video, businesses should be thinking how they can best leverage online video to create "buzz," drive sales and generate leads.

We offer a suite of services to help businesses create, host and promote online videos.

  • Scripting: a key ingredient determining the popularity of online videos is quality content. We’ll work with you to develop engaging scripts that will capture the attention of your viewers.
  • Filming: we’ve partnered with a production company with a nationwide network of professional videographers. So whatever city you are located in, or if you have multiple offices across the country, we can arrange for a professional videographer to come to your offices to film your videos.
  • Production: our production partner will convert your raw footage into a video masterpiece! Services include video editing (including insertion of custom transitions, graphics and captions);audio narration using voiceover talent; intro and outro screens; and formatting for Internet compatibility
  • Hosting: stream your video online inside a custom video player that is optimized for the search engines, and supports viral marketing.
  • Promotion: we can help you promote your video via YouTube, MetaCafe and other online video sharing sites.
  • Video center: deploy a custom videocast center in which to showcase and share your firm’s videos in an accessible format (view sample).
  • Tracking: we can implement advanced tracking tools to help you determine how many people are viewing your online videos.
  • Landing pages: Your relationship with your viewers should not end with the conclusion of your broadcast. Instead, direct listeners to special landing pages with a “call to action” where they can fill out and submit online forms to request further information from your firm, or sign up for an email newsletter. We build landing pages that maximize conversions!